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  • Visualizing data in Matlab

    Data visualizations are a useful way to condense a large amount of information, and represent it in a format that is easy to read and interpret.

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  • Functional programming ideas in object-oriented languages

    Over the last several years, many ideas from functional programming languages have been welcomed into the object-oriented world, and are no longer only found in languages like Ruby and Scala, but also in Java 8, C# 3.0, and other languages traditionally thought of as primarily object-oriented.

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  • Developers must write tests

    Software developers must test their own code. There's no way around it, and especially no "but Quality Assurance does that for us."

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  • Using JQuery to show or hide related elements

    Sometimes a web page needs to display a very condensed view of information, but also allow users to easily drill down for details. Summary tables often fit into this category when there are multiple layers of information to display.

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  • Security Engineering, by Ross Anderson

    “Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems”, by Ross Anderson, is one of the most engaging technical books I’ve seen, and I’ve taken to reading it on my commute.

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  • Checking in on the "Let's Use Linux" experiment

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  • Advances in computer vision, and chasing the long tail

    Facial recognition and stuffed animals

    Face Recognition Software Recognizes Animals Now Too - Terry Kimura

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  • (Epson) Configuring printers on Linux

    Configuring printers on Linux computers often takes a bit of trial and error, especially since many printer companies don’t tend to update drivers for Linux distributions as often as with Windows and Mac OS.

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