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  • Upgrading to Debian Testing

    Last time I went over Debian’s releases and reasons to either upgrade to Debian Testing or remain on Debian Stable.

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  • Debian releases and deciding to upgrade

    Debian Stable, or just “stable”, is the default release for new Debian installs, with “testing” and “unstable” being the next releases along the development pipeline.

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  • Creating Git aliases

    A few months ago a friend introduced me to Git aliases, and I’ve come to enjoy using them enough to set them up on every workspace I use.

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  • (Debian) Setting environment variables

    In this post we’ll set up environment variables for Debian, using Golang as an example.

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  • (LXDE) Monitoring battery life

    I’ve noticed that my battery’s lifetime decreases by quite a bit when I run Debian. I’ll look into improving this in a couple days, but for now I’ve installed fdpowermon as a graphical battery life monitor.

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  • (LXDE) Customizing key bindings

    A few key bindings are helpful to save time, especially for tasks such as changing volume or screen brightness settings. These key bindings did not work out of the box for me, so this was one of the first things I wanted to set up.

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  • (LXDE) Customizing the log in background

    For this next post I’ll update the background image for the log in screen. I’m using Debian LXDE, so the instructions may differ if you are using another distribution or desktop. I have verified these steps on Debian GNU/Linux 8.3 (jessie) using the LXDE desktop.

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  • Adding a new sudo user

    Now that we’ve installed Debian, we’ll want to add our main user to the sudo group.

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